Venus pisces compatibility

Now the negative ones he picks up makes him feel uncomfortable in his heart. He actually wishes to commit, but cannot do so because he feels that his partner is not stable enough for a long term relationship. But at the same time he can find it hard to end it all with her.

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The sign of Pisces is highly emotional. Same can be told for the Venus in Pisces. The carrier just does not want to hurt anyone or anything. But again, the negative vibes he gets from his partner throws him in dismay and later eliminate his interest in the relationship. This man has profound relationship with fantasies containing glimpses a lover he yearns to be with. She loves him unconditionally and stays in the relationship for a long haul. She thinks positive and thus feeds him only positive vibes. She has all the traditional and feminine qualities he admires wholeheartedly.

When he finds her in the real world he turns deeply committed and goes an extra mile to keep the relationship happy.

Astrology's Best Love Compatibility Match For You, Based On Your Venus Sign

One of the pet peeves of this man is challenge. He does not want this to be anywhere near his date and relationship. In other words, he finds drama, competition, disagreement and disrespect irritating.

VENUS in SCORPIO compatibility with VENUS in PISCES!

But above all of them, a loveless relationship leaves him suffocated. Cheating is definitely something that has love affair with this sign. Venus is the planet of attraction and love. Hence, we have the comfort of generalizing that all Venus in Pisces man cheats in relationships. But no, things do not go like that. Whether this man will cheat depends on his environment. He can be immensely faithful.

But the people he mingles with can change his outlook. Watch out for female friends. If he has too many of them or if he is too much of a social butterfly he will need protection from his partner. As stated earlier, he does not like challenge and one of the core reasons behind this is that he is not a vicious fighter and defender. Maximalism defines your style profile.

Like Queen Bey, who shares your Venus sign, you can pull off eye-popping colors and bold patterns especially jungle prints , gem-encrusted "red soles," cape coats, candy-colored furs faux or no , and oversize hats that serve as your regal crown.

Venus Is The Planet For Romance

Your home will be equally luxurious and decadent—ideally with a giant walk-in closet and a full-on party room. Save the red roses and the red carpets: If you were born with Venus in practical Virgo—the sign of selfless service —a pure heart and noble character are your true turn-ons. Being fussed over is so NOT your thing unless bae is bringing you chicken soup when you have the flu.

Along your romantic flight path, you may fall for a few wounded birds, especially if their keen intellect appeals to your "sapiosexual" love of a beautiful mind. Alas, these romantic rescue missions can throw you off your game for months, even years! Great hygiene and grooming are also musts for your germ-conscious Venus sign. Modest and private, you generally prefer a clean and comfortable indoor environment for doing the deed.

What Zodiac Signs Are Best Compatible With Pisces?

When it comes to decorating, you go for a Zen-like palette of whites, browns, and earthy neutrals; your sartorial choices will reflect the same ethos. You keep your home orderly and may accessorize with natural objects like crystals and plants. Bookshelves are a must! Reading side by side in bed in the hush of comfortable silence might be your idea of foreplay.

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Venus is "in detriment" in Virgo, which is said to be its most challenging position. Love may not come easily to you, but when you yield to its lessons, you may wind up the wisest and most satisfied of all! Since the planet of love and beauty reigns supreme here, this placement blesses you with extra luck in the love department.

Although you can take your time to commit, you believe in love at first sight. During the dating phase, you require all the traditional trappings: long-stemmed roses, Rumi poems, picnics in the park. A fairy tale beginning to your lifelong romance is a must; something you can reminisce over during the slower spells. The only pitfall of this gift is that you can be SO focused on creating harmony that you sweep important issues under the rug.

Cooperating, compromising and co-creating? No problem! But this can actually be detrimental to intimacy. Learning to "diplomatically disagree" and even differentiate from your partner is what will keep things hot in the couple bubble for years to come. This glamorous Venus placement can make you a natural on-camera—you may even have delicate or symmetrical features that make you wildly photogenic. Fill up albums with memories from your halcyon days and beyond—plus all the magic moments you share with your S.

No stylist required! Your fashion sense screams, "Paris couture house," with its timeless sophistication and elegant sparkle. And nothing cheap or tacky for you, Venus in Libra. If you were born with Venus in secretive Scorpio, your approach to love is seductive, soulful, and intense. Casual dating is so NOT your jam. Sharing your own, however, may take years. Deeply private and mysterious, you hate to feel vulnerable or exposed. Since trust does not come easily when you have Venus in Scorpio, you might choose a partner who is an open book and knows how to create a safe, nonjudgmental space for you to bare your soul.

Venus is "in detriment" in Scorpio, which is a somewhat challenging position because it falls opposite to Taurus, the sign that the love planet rules. Although you tend to be "all or nothing" when it comes to commitment, erotic encounters are a different story. A powerful attraction can literally overtake your common sense, and you can get lost in a heady space during sex. Your secrets may stay locked in the vault forever, not even to be shared with your Sex and the City brunch crew…which might be for the best. But when you feel deeply connected to a partner, you will give and share everything you have.

Scorpio is the sign of joint ventures and merging resources, so expect a magical melding of bank accounts and living spaces. When you feel hurt or rejected, you may come across as withholding and even downright cold—and the loss of a relationship can devastate you more than most.

Hell hath no fury like a Venus in Scorpio who has been cheated on! Pro tip: Skip the revenge fantasies and let karma handle it. Just watch Lemonade on repeat for catharsis. When it comes to your sartorial flair, you have the most discerning of eyes. You may even work as a stylist or designer! Shopping is like a treasure hunt for you, whether sourcing hand-woven pillows in Mexico or the perfect LBD. With Venus in broad-spectrum Sagittarius, you love without limits.